Surviving Ragnarok

February 23, 2014

We made it past the end of the world in Papay – midnight was celebrated with a glass of Orkney IPA and then back to the art centre for some crazy Finnish Karaoke. The festival is over and it has been an intense week of video art and all types of other creative practices; painting, installations, architecture, archeology, anthropology, audio visualisation and many others. It has been great to see all these people coming together in one small place and to learn about their worlds and investigations. Here are just a couple of photographs from Papay Microworld – which was the best one yet in terms of crossing the room cascading interactions – we are thankful to Ivanov + Chan for providing such a fertile site for our ecosystem of interactions. The photos show starfish, bubble and shapeshifter being fed by films by Brendan Colvert and Ryo Ikeshiro.



prepping Papay Microworld

February 19, 2014

It’s been really busy here and we’ve seen some wonderful projections and performances, witnessed the construction of a suana and a fire shelter and we’ve been helping Ivanov + Chan set up various video installations including a 1000 moon – 9 projector piece on the opening night.

The Microworld has been slowly coming together. last night we positioned the 4 main pieces which all look at each other in the Garage space. From this skeleton we got some interesting cascades across the room.

Today we recode all the pieces to effect each other in more subtle ways and add in other works around the skeleton.


The Papay Micoroworld will be on show tomorrow from 4-6pm and if you come early 2pm we will be giving a talk on interactive art.

The show will continue to be on throughout the Papay Gyro Nights Festival. Whenever there is a spare projector it will be used – including during the closing Fish and Chip supper on Friday night.


February 16, 2014

We’ve started experimenting with the set up – projectors and kinect. We’ve made a lichen slideshow and fed this into a kinect piece we built last year in Margate. Getting some interesting feedback swashes of colour, in shapes reflecting the growth patterns of the lichen. Then we filmed that and tomorrow that footage will feed into another piece and so on as we build up the Papay Microworld.






on Papay

February 15, 2014

We got to Papa Westray with out much trouble – even had a sunny flight yesterday afternoon. But it’s back to wind and rain today.


Planned to walk down to the beach but only got about 50 metres from The Papay Gyro Nights nerve centre at Tredwell.  Collected some lichen and moss, so hoping to find some tardigrades, we’ll use our USB microscope to help track them down.

lichen on wall

selection of papay lichen

Papay Gyro Nights 2014

February 8, 2014

We haven’t used this research blog in a while but we are bringing it back to document Gyro Nights, a week long festival of video art, sound art, experimental film and music on the tiny Orkney Island, organised by our big friends Ivanov + Chan.

We will be bringing a mini Microworld to Papay and will be building some new interacting pieces inspired by the local fauna and flora – in particular the invincible Tardigrades and Lichen which cover this wind swept island, clinging on for dear life.

Tardigrades have been known to survive in space and Lichen can live for thousands of years – two of natures survivors.

Here’s a closeup of a tardigrade, and 50 year old Papay Lichen spreading across a gravestone can be seen in the header image.


February 15-22, Tredwall and all over the island, Papa Westray, Orkney, day passes £10 (concessions £5), 01857 644 340

Microworld : Arcadia @ Arcadecardiff

March 28, 2013

Genetic Moo are currently pulling together an exciting and very experimental exhibition Microworld : Arcadia.

We will working with a number of other artists, including Jockel Liess, Tine Bech, Paul Granjon, Sean Clark. We will also be hosting a range of events and workshops throughout the two weeks.

Click here for more details of the event and how to get involved.


Arcadecardiff Queens Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 2BY
21st May to 2nd June

Skin Wall and the Blushing

January 16, 2013

Genetic Moo are members of The London Group who are now celebrating their centenary year with a series of exhibitions and events. The first is at Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing which was the country residence of art collector and architect John Soane.  Painting, print, sculpture, video and site-specific installation works will be shown in the house and gallery.


We will be showing two works:  Skin Wall and The Blushing

The hand-painted Chinese-style wallpaper in the manor provided inspiration for us, encouraging musings on surface, ink, pattern and boundaries. The resulting works, Skin Wall and The Blushing, may be described as living wallpapers, one generative and the other interactive.

Skin Wall : A silky smooth expanse of fabric, its surface is an ambiguous pattern of randomly flexing human skin.

Sound design by Julia Schauerman

The Blushing : In the darkened wine-cellar, a small blue-green aquatic creature is calling to you. When you enter the space the creature comes closer, its scintillating surface patterned with discs mimicking the active chromatophores of squid skin. The colour of these pulsing discs is influenced by the by the colours it sees.  ..We recommend visitors wear colourful hats, scarves and coats!

The Blushing has been developed from our artwork Cockatoo

PM Gallery + House
Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, Ealing, W5 5EQ
23rd Jan – 9th Mar
Open Thu-Fri 1-5pm, Sat 11am-5pm

Swimming with the Animacules

August 21, 2012

Just spent a great weekend at the Summer Sundae Weekender in Leicester.  Sean Clark of the Interact Gallery invited us to exhibit our multi-user, Kinect driven Animacules.  We were sited in the ‘Curiosity Corner’ zone in a Beduin tent! It turned out to be an excellent little exhibition space.  Lots of festival goers called in to look and play and it went down a storm with the kids, many coming back to (as they phrased it) go swimming with the creatures.

We also managed to get to quite a few gigs, the highlight being a brilliant set from the highly entertaining Mr Lydon and PIL.  What a performer!

DIY Lava Lamps at Exploding Cinema

May 6, 2012

We carried on experimenting with our DIY lava lamp project – this time using oils, food colouring and Alka-Seltzer as a frothing agent. We created several dramatic projections until Nicola dropped a whole tablet in and covered everything in oil. We used a range of gels and lights to illuminate the jars in a way that complemented the green theme of the night at Exploding Cinema.

Here’s a video of what we are calling “The World, The Flesh and The Devil”.

[vimeo 41648203]


The world, the flesh and the devil.

April 5, 2012

Here’s some more documentation of the kinetic art piece we showed at Exploding.  Each image is from a different prepared jar. The working title for this project is “The world, the flesh and the devil”, which references J.D.Bernal’s book on the future of human evolution. In one chapter he describes a collection of humans hurtling through space inside a hollowed out meteor.


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