start of residency

Our first decision was to create a work that interacted in some way with Exploding Cinema’s projection screen, using their light to create our piece. To do this we use a simple webcam attached to a laptop running our own program created in Processing.  The resulting imagery is then projected on a second screen.

….Screen grab of green and red light capture from webcam using Processing

When brightness of either colour exceeds a certain threshold ‘spontaneous generation’ occurs: red bugs are born from red light and green bugs from green light.  The red bugs wander around leaving a trail until they find green food and vice versa. The accumulated effects of all these bugs is the carving out of channels between red and green food clumps.

Here’s a video and some photos of the first outing of ‘It’s Alive!’ at Exploding Cinema’s 26th March show at the Cross Kings pub in King’s Cross.
……video of red and green light bugs crawling over the audience
Ben is transported to our screen

red and green light and bugs escaping our screen
green light and bugs on man

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