It’s Alive! – bunker show

…………….Entrance to The Bunker

We were recently invited to participate in the group exhibition Is.It.Over? organised by Jan Lun Lee at The Bunker, a genuine bomb shelter from WW2 in Dalston.  The interior of the bunker is pretty dilapidated and there’s no electricity – Jan hired a generator for the event – so the lighting during the show was limited.

…………….Tim mopping up rain water in our space
Though it was pretty cold and damp, it is an incredible space to exhibit in, there are numerous rooms and it has an amazing atmosphere, in my opinion.  So, inspired by the history and gloom, we decided to present a version of ‘It’s Alive’ that, instead of feeding off projected short films as it does at Exploding Cinema, would work with torch light.
…………….Nicola with torch (that’s probably Tim’s hand in front of projector)
We wanted to create the impression of being in a beautiful Blitz, the torch triggering mini-light explosions with trails of green and red, the latter looking like embers.  And we’re both really pleased how it worked out.
Documentation of ‘It’s Alive!’ May 6th 2010


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