It’s Alive! – the cocoon stage

Just had the third outing for our work in progress at Exploding Cinema.  As before, a webcam was fixed to face Exploding’s projection screen and gathered light to ‘feed’ our work.

This latest development sees the introduction of blue bugs to join the red and green, resulting in a wide range of colours when the bugs establish feeding trails; and the building of a nest.

our screen, pictured above, is to the right of Exploding Cinema’s screen

This version continues to be programmed/run in Processing as the moving image at this stage is graphically very simple.  The next phase will see the growth of grub within the nest, so we will probably have to construct this in OpenFrameworks.

…….the nest

Just discovered it takes groovy portraits if we run the programme through a laptop using the internal webcam.  Below is one of Tim with the new blue bug feature and one of me with the nest formation.


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