The Old Vic Tunnels

‘It’s Alive’ left the Exploding Cinema roost to join submit2gravity artists at the Old Vic Tunnels in December.  This marked a significant narrative development in the piece encouraged in part by the location – we would be projecting onto one of the tunnel’s decrepit and crumbling brick walls.  As usual we’d have our ants with their pheromone trails, but we wanted to introduce a wriggling element of horror, namely maggots.

So, in this version, interaction is brought about by a torch (standing in for Exploding Cinema’s projector) which has been suspended from the ceiling, shining a narrow beam onto the wall.  On looking at the wall you might notice the scurrying around of red ants, and a hole that the torch appears to have burnt through it’s surface.  If you move the torch beam you will open up a fissure, revealing a nest of writhing maggots, now the red ants scurrying around the wall will come together to mend it.


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