The Globster project

We’ve been invited to Papa Westray by Ivanov+Chan who organize a northern arts festival called Gyro Nights.

The island is in Orkney and is 4 miles long and 1 mile across. 70 people live there and some livestock. We’re visiting in August to research a project based around Globsters, which are unidentified organic masses that wash up on shorelines. Here’s an old photo of a Globster off America.

Whilst we’re on the island researching, we are going to put on an interactive show presenting Growthlines and Animacules. But also we are going to display some early test globster models we’ve been making with latex and plaster, wax and hair.

These are small experimental fragments of a larger creature we hope to build in February for the main festival. Below is the rough idea. This would form the centre piece for a series of performances or experiments or projections – we’re not sure yet.

The working title for the piece is “The Eye of the Sea”. We may link it to St Tredwell. Legend has it that a Pict King fell in love with her and praised her beautiful eyes. She responded by plucking them out and sending them to him skewered on a twig. Miraculous cures are associated with St Tredwell, particularly in those suffering from eye afflictions. Here is what remains of her Chapel on the island.


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