The Fly brings Kinect to Deptford X

The Fly is showing at Deptford X and has brought Kinect interactive art to the local audience. By moving in front of a screen full of disgusting flesh parts and animal organs the user can navigate a Kinect-driven avatar over the landscape – shifting the guts below its path.

This piece is a development from an earlier series of large scale tests we carried out at Glastonbury also using the Kinect.
We built the PVC screen ourselves at 2.4 * 1.8 m which gave the back projection a clean flat look, from the short throw projector.

We worked with sound artist Patricia Afari who generated a series of evocative sound effects to attached to the individual parts.

We are presenting The Fly again this weekend Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October, upstairs at the Amersham Arms on the border of New Cross and Deptford.


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