Erosion at Exploding Cinema

We’ve been working on some Processing sketches involving coloured pixels falling like sand. This is a pretty common algorithm. The interest is that the colours are determined by what is on the Exploding Cinema screen over the course of one of their events. This event was in The Others venue in Stoke Newington on the 9th December 2011.

The sand forms piles over time, and the colours of the layers reflects the colours of the films. In this case the sand is falling from left (where the webcam image is) to right (where the pile is). We could control the rate of sand flow and there was also an erosion parameter so the sand would form fissures and cracks and compress in more organic way over time.

This was a test for a work we are developing for Papay where the coloured sand pixels will be compressed into the shell of a Nautilus.


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