Papay Gyro Nights 2014

We haven’t used this research blog in a while but we are bringing it back to document Gyro Nights, a week long festival of video art, sound art, experimental film and music on the tiny Orkney Island, organised by our big friends Ivanov + Chan.

We will be bringing a mini Microworld to Papay and will be building some new interacting pieces inspired by the local fauna and flora – in particular the invincible Tardigrades and Lichen which cover this wind swept island, clinging on for dear life.

Tardigrades have been known to survive in space and Lichen can live for thousands of years – two of natures survivors.

Here’s a closeup of a tardigrade, and 50 year old Papay Lichen spreading across a gravestone can be seen in the header image.


February 15-22, Tredwall and all over the island, Papa Westray, Orkney, day passes £10 (concessions £5), 01857 644 340


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