prepping Papay Microworld

It’s been really busy here and we’ve seen some wonderful projections and performances, witnessed the construction of a suana and a fire shelter and we’ve been helping Ivanov + Chan set up various video installations including a 1000 moon – 9 projector piece on the opening night.

The Microworld has been slowly coming together. last night we positioned the 4 main pieces which all look at each other in the Garage space. From this skeleton we got some interesting cascades across the room.

Today we recode all the pieces to effect each other in more subtle ways and add in other works around the skeleton.


The Papay Micoroworld will be on show tomorrow from 4-6pm and if you come early 2pm we will be giving a talk on interactive art.

The show will continue to be on throughout the Papay Gyro Nights Festival. Whenever there is a spare projector it will be used – including during the closing Fish and Chip supper on Friday night.


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