Surviving Ragnarok

We made it past the end of the world in Papay – midnight was celebrated with a glass of Orkney IPA and then back to the art centre for some crazy Finnish Karaoke. The festival is over and it has been an intense week of video art and all types of other creative practices; painting, installations, architecture, archeology, anthropology, audio visualisation and many others. It has been great to see all these people coming together in one small place and to learn about their worlds and investigations. Here are just a couple of photographs from Papay Microworld – which was the best one yet in terms of crossing the room cascading interactions – we are thankful to Ivanov + Chan for providing such a fertile site for our ecosystem of interactions. The photos show starfish, bubble and shapeshifter being fed by films by Brendan Colvert and Ryo Ikeshiro.




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